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Phenomenally powerful and endlessly versatile, the Gibson TGE-05 Echoplex Digital Pro Plus is a tool looking for an imagination to wield it. The convenient 19" rackmount unit brings together digital recording, sampling, and digital delay so that musicians of every type can utilize these powerful components in both studio and live applications. An amazing 16-bit/41.5kHz RAM recorder lets you playback and record simultaneously making ambient soundscapes, reversed loops, and rhythmic drones easy to create and shape. It might help to think of the Echoplex as a sequencer for audio instead of MIDI, with all the capabilities of a sampler and a delay effect that ranges far beyond any pedal available. A progressive undo feature allows you to overdub with confidence. You can add unlimited overdubs onto any loop you record. The Echoplex Digital Pro is designed by and for musicians. The intuitive and efficient controls on the rackmount unit and footpedal make it easy to use and settings are displayed through a multifunction LED. The switches on the optional EFC-7 foot control unit can also be custom configured, and play an integral part by allowing you to access all of the unit's main functions on the fly. Loops can be recorded, overdubbed, reversed, and deleted with your feet, in real time. The Echoplex is completely MIDI compatible. Performance controls send and receive MIDI; loops and sound files may be saved and loaded via MIDI; and tempos can be synced to MIDI clock. With 198 seconds of memory, 16-bit realtime digital loops, the capability to layer all 9 loops complete with overdubs, simultaneous playback and record, unlimited overdubs with progressive undos, and tap tempo controls, the Echoplex is peerless.

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All the advanced features you can imagine. Loop device of doom
· pseudoambient· 5y ago

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