Parts And Accessories

Parts and accessories for drums include things like stick holders, drum bags, tuning keys, drum rugs, metronomes, and any other accessory item that helps drummers and percussionists play their rhythm instruments well.

DW Drums DWSP2150 - Toe Clamp assembly for 3/4/5/7/8/9000 series pedals on RigShare

Toe Clamp assembly for 3/4/5/7/8/9000 series pedals.

DW Drums DWSP093 - 9000 Spring Assembly on RigShare

Works for 9000 pedals only.

DW Drums DWSP049 - Steel Upper Rocker for 9000 pedals on RigShare

Upper rocker for right side of base casting(spring side) for pedal.

DW Drums DWSM809 - 9000 Pedal Drum T-Key, Clamshell on RigShare

DWSM809 - 9000 Pedal drum T-key with 3/16-inch hex, 5mm hex and standard drum key

DW Drums DWSP211 - Complete Pedal linkage with red universals on RigShare

DWSP211 - Complete Pedal linkage with red universals. Works for 5000 and 9000 Series double Pedals.

Zildjian "direct source" pickup on RigShare

The Direct Source Pickup (DSP) is a two-piece system consisting of the sensor (attaches to the cymbal) and LED light module and preamp section (attaches to the cymbal stand / Hi-Hat stand). The DSP captures the pure acoustic sound of a Zild...

Zildjian single 6 ft. cymbal cable on RigShare

Single 6ft cable that is designed to connect a Gen16 Direct Source Pickup to a Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP).

Zildjian digital cymbal processor on RigShare

The Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP) is the heart of the Gen16 Acoustic/Electric Cymbal System. With the built-in DSP engine, you can instantly change the tone of your Zildjian Buffed Bronze cymbals to fit the mood, vibe, or tune. The DCP pro...

Zildjian digital cymbal processor power supply on RigShare

A universal A/C power supply that is specifically designed for the Gen16 Digital Sound Processor (DCP).

Zildjian hihat cymbal clutch kit on RigShare

The Gen16 AE Cymbal Hi-Hat Mounting Kit is designed specifically for the AE Cymbal System. All dampening washers are made from a neoprene material to isolate cymbal vibrations and channel sound to the AE Pickup and not through the drum hard...

Zildjian direct source preamp on RigShare

A single preamp for the Direct Source Pickup.

Zildjian direct source pickup sensor thumb screw on RigShare

A 4pc package of thumb screws for the Direct Source Pickup sensor.

Zildjian gen16 ds pickup mount accessories kit on RigShare

The Direct Source Pickup Mount Accessories Kit includes the anti-spin mount, anti-spin sleeve, cymbal titler adapter, washer, 10 pk of O-rings.

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