Jack Punnett


I am a 20 Year old multi instrumentalist. I mainly play the Drums, but am currently concentrating on self teaching myself the guitar and bass. I am beginning to compose lyric-less songs on Logic Pro X using my own instruments using MIDI cables. Feel free to follow me on Instagram as I am posting regularly behind the scenes and when I get new equipment! @JackPunnett

Not quite what I wanted my Promark sticks to do whilst performing 'Beast and the Harlot' - Avenged Sevenfold 😂😱 (still managed to finish the performance though!) 😂 Any fellow drummers recommend any stick makes? Would appreciate it very much 😁 (I do prefer hickory wood if possible) Ft. My @ludwigdrumshq drums & awesome shirts 😂
  • James Laverdure
    These sticks look like they've been through it. 😄I used to play with promarks and I liked them. Although, over the years, I've gravitated towards @vicfirth. They have been pretty reliable to me. I guess all in all, it really does come down to the way you play, what music you're playing, and how long the sticks have been used.
@rigshare just a quick question, is there an app I'm the making? Would love to download it! 😁 #rigshareapp
Sorry for the cheesy photo, just though I'd share my beauty of a kit with you all! Isn't she beautiful 😍