Jack Punnett


I am a 21 Year old multi instrumentalist. I mainly play the Drums, but am currently concentrating on self teaching myself the guitar and bass. I am beginning to compose lyric-less songs on Logic Pro X using my own instruments using MIDI cables. Feel free to follow me on Instagram as I am posting regularly behind the scenes and when I get new equipment! @JackPunnett

Not quite what I wanted my Promark sticks to do whilst performing 'Beast and the Harlot' - Avenged Sevenfold 馃槀馃槺 (still managed to finish the performance though!) 馃槀 Any fellow drummers recommend any stick makes? Would appreciate it very much 馃榿 (I do prefer hickory wood if possible) Ft. My @ludwigdrumshq drums & awesome shirts 馃槀
  • James Laverdure
    These sticks look like they've been through it. 馃槃I used to play with promarks and I liked them. Although, over the years, I've gravitated towards @vicfirth. They have been pretty reliable to me. I guess all in all, it really does come down to the way you play, what music you're playing, and how long the sticks have been used.
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  • Levi McCool Strauss
    I haven't drummed in years but I still have sticks as it was the first thing I learnt how to play I have big dog drum stuff 5A Hickory the feel nice in your hands and glide smoothly.
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@rigshare just a quick question, is there an app I'm the making? Would love to download it! 馃榿 #rigshareapp
I finally got a Line 6 Pod xt! And to make it even better this one was previously owned by the all-mighty Tre Cool from Green Day! I means the world to me to own a piece of equipment from one of my most favourite drummer! 馃槏 I will treasure this forever! #rigshare #guitar #punk #rock #guitarist #bassist #drummer #goals
Sorry for the cheesy photo, just though I'd share my beauty of a kit with you all! Isn't she beautiful 馃槏