Tried out my new setup for the first at 12Stone Sugarloaf - Monday Night Service. It slays and has plenty of room for additions. Ran through their 3rd Power Dual Citizen, one of the best sounding amps I've played so far. I run my MG a little hotter as my main OD-sounding push and give it a boost for lead parts from the right side of the Kilt. The left side of the Kilt is my 3rd stage fuzz; I can turn that on the boost off with one press. The left side is pretty simple, modded Nova Delay can do *most* everything I need to for worship. HOF2 has my take on the Bigsky's cloud setting using the OS app. Love trying new things.
  • Sam
    Looks dope! What are you going to put in that empty space thoughhh
    • Richard Gatton
      I'm going to *try* to cram an H9 and a micro pog. If that all won't fit I'll have to mount the compressor under the board.
  • RigShare
    Keep it coming!