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🤔​Wonder what they are up to over there... We will be tuning in! @strymon
Happy New Year RigShare Community! Wishing everyone an awesome year of great music, gear, and fun!
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We shared your rigs this year on Instagram. Here are the best 9 rigs we shared on our instagram this year! Let's see some more rigs in 2019! #rigshare #gear #rigshot #gearshot
Goals around your music gear for 2019... Go!
  • Thiery Laverdure
    My pedalboard needs updating. Also going to try new pickups.
  • James Laverdure
    Get a new keyboard/synth! Been looking at a few for a while now. Top choices for me right now are the @yamaha MODX and the @nord Stage 3.
  • Sophie Giuliani
    Suhr strat! A few substitutes for the pedal board
  • Daren Sirbough
    To give my board a bit of a tidy up on the underside. I kind of need to figure out how to do that first. Anyone know where you can get those clips to keep your leads tidy underneath??
  • VĂ­tor FĂ©lix
    Definitely going to install some Gotoh locking tuners and doing a complete Emerson Custom wiring system for the guitar. Also, would be awesome to see a Fulltone Mini DejáVibe 3 V2 and the well deserved Walrus Audio Phoenix Power Supply on my board. I'm going to make a bigger pedalboard too, so I can accommodate all my pedals together. Maybe a Boss Katana Mini will become part of the rig as my new small practice amp, but let's be patient...
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Hey gearheads! Drop some more One-Liners on the gear you own or have had some experience with. Let others know what you think!
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  • Jameson Allen
    Sheesh that’s a cool pedal. Not sure there’s many, if any, analog delays out there with such long delay time. Ordered one to see if it can knock the Brigadier off my board!
  • RigShare
    @jamesonlynwood Please tell us what you think about it once you get it.
  • Alex Yalen
    Alex Yalen
    that is so round & lush souding.
Thanks to all of you who have been contributing to this gear community! Don't forget, 1) Add gear to your rig, 2) Leave one-liner feedback on your gear for others, and 3) Follow some other gear heads on here!
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The @chaseblissaudio #darkworld has arrived! Who is getting one?
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We are excited to welcome the @origineffects team to RigShare!