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18" Flat Pedal Cable

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Are giant, messy, and tangled patch cables ruining your jamming sessions? Well, no more! TourGear Designs’ Flat Pedal Cables are the perfect upgrade for a neat, clean, and smart amp up in the performance quality of your guitar pedalboard cables. Regular cables for pedalboards can be a real space-hoarder and rather difficult to manage. Our Flat Pedal Cables are preemptively designed for the ultimate space preservation on your pedalboard while maintaining the integrity of superior sound quality that TourGear Designs promises. The flexible cables and smart-angled design of connectors enable easy plugging and optimal signal chain for pedalboard routing. Twist it, turn it, stretch it. It can withstand your unbridled enthusiasm and match your energy. While the twisted copper housing reduces any possible interference with our premium PVC Cable Mantle, which warrants a long-lasting experience. At TourGear Designs, we produce the most durable, high-quality, and compact design Flat Patch Cables on the market — ready to take your music experience to the next level! Never leave home without one, or two... or three. Flat Patch Cables from TourGear Designs are easy to carry and install anywhere. Available in Single, 3-Pack of standard C-Shape, and our unique S-Shape.



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