Ear Fuzz Effects
Ear Fuzz Effects


Ear Fuzz Effects Buzzaround on RigShare
This is my tribute to the Burns Buzzaround. It is an identical circuit with no changes in the component values. Some known mods were tried in this circuit but in the end it went back to stock for good reason. I used a Burns Ltd Buzzaround as a reference that was a very good example of how these are suppose to sound and I could not be happier how my buzzaround sounds. Output is the same as the Burns which can be huge. All settings and interactions results were also the same. Due to the transistors selected mine came out having a little more sustain and a more hairy edge. Exactly what I would want my Buzzaround to sound like! No master volume is needed as seen on other clones as this does not loose the sustain when balance is turned down! This is why transistor selection is crucial and also makes them time consuming and hard time come by, the reason why the market is not flooded with great examples.

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