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The CE-2 doesn’t have a stereo output so the CE-3 was made, perhaps more as a replacement for the CE-1. The CE-3 have adjustments for depth and rate, just like the CE-2, but supports in addition a stereo output. Having two outputs gives you the option of having a chorused signal from Output A and the direct signal at the same time from Output B. These can be panned left and right to simulate the sound of two guitars playing simultaneously. The placement of the 3 knobs are not typical. This is the only 3-knob pedal that has three knobs in a row. As this caused the LED to become hidden behind the middle knob, it was a design that was soon changed in favor of the V shaped 3 knob control layout. Version differences There are minor colour differences between versions of this pedal and from 1988 the CE-3 was shipped with white black knobs with white tops. The CE-3 was the first metallic coloured Boss compact pedal. The green label was introduced 1984 to indicate compliance with FCC rules and production moved to Taiwan, 1988.

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The and only analog chorus, part of my sound since 1983
· pseudoambient· 4y ago

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