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The Fatboy is an oversized 2x12 that handles the bottom end like nothing else. If you have been using a 4x12 but don't have the space in the van then this is for you- our customers are always surprised! Regardless of style of playing, age or experience a lot of us want to use a 4x12 but just can’t be doing with the size, weight and cost. The Fatboy was designed to take on most 4x12s. Don’t let anyone lie to you, a 2x12 and especially 1x12 will never sound bigger than an equivalent 4x12, but the Fatboy will get you 90% of the way there with a heavily reduced weight and size. One problem with larger cabs can be a boomy low end, usually due to too much bass. We designed the Fatboy to stay tight in the bass and lower mids allowing you to sculpt your sound. This cab isn’t just for metallers, it's for everyone looking for a full, fat sound.

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