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Johnny Hiland Memphis Sun

Keeley Electronics Johnny Hiland Memphis Sun on RigShare
Head into the Memphis Sun and bask in the tones of the 1950's studios! What does the Johnny Hiland Memphis Sun do best? It gives you that intimate small room feel where two of you are playing together. Get a hint of modulation with some syrupy slapback echo...and you've arrived at Johnny Hiland's Memphis Sun. The Johnny Hiland Memphis Sun is in vintage sea foam green with a white and gold racing theme!"I think the Memphis Sun is one of the best pedals on the planet today! If you are a Danny Gatton fan, or just love the tones of good ole Rockabilly guitar, then the Memphis Sun is a "must have" on your pedalboard! Keeley Electronics hit it out of the park with this amazing pedal, so get your Johnny Hiland Limited Memphis Sun pedal TODAY" - Johnny Hiland

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