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NUX Optima Air is a dual-switch acoustic guitar simulator with a preamp for acoustic and electric guitar players. It simulates the acoustic guitar profiles with the best-optimized sound depending on your guitar and pickup type. IR loader combined with a preamp which is equipped with 3-band EQ and Gain controls. And there is an additional one-knob-control Reverb effect. If you want to connect any effect pedal you can use the SEND/RETURN effect loop and add the Optima Air into the signal chain. NUX Optima Air has a unique profile capture function, you can create your own acoustic guitar profile (IR file) by capturing your favorite acoustic guitar's sound. There is an XLR DI output for direct line/mixer connection, headphones output for silent play and auxiliary input to connect a music player to play along.

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Make your piezo-pickup acoustic, sound more like the real thing
· tawalker· 1y ago
Makes your quacky piezo instrument pickup sound more "natural".
· tawalker· 1y ago

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