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A Screaming History To become the world standard, it's essential to use high-quality parts that are universally available. We did exactly this, Have no fear guys, we intend to be around for another 100 years. With this being said, this pedal is a combination of 100 years’ worth of designs. Some famous guitarists have said that this is the best screamer they've ever used. Let me explain how all of this happened... Nearly all effect builders have produced a screamer circuit, yet they are all very similar. However, mine is extremely different. By incorporating a dual Op Amp and symmetrical diode clipping, the Persian Green Screamer has become the new standard in screamer pedals. Tube-screamer circuitry is renowned for its flexibility due to its endless creative options by adjusting a few variables. While its strong mid tone is obviously useful, too much exposure to it may bore users. But are uses sick of this sound? The answer is NO. Two Modes, One Pedal The Persian Green Screamer aims to attain the ultimate tube screamer sound. I've combined a typical tube screamer circuit with one of my own designs. One Control believes that this effect has to have the ability to create a vintage original sound and yet have an authentic modern underlying tone. That’s where BJF circuitry comes into play. The Persian Green Screamer is a pedal that creates a vintage TS sound and a modern overdrive sound pedal at the same time. A switch has been added to the side of the body for exactly this reason. You can switch between two modes, Vintage & Modern. We felt like this was essential to satisfy the wants of players while encompassing these two contradicting elements. The Vintage mode creates beautiful distortion that is unique and similar to the “TS-808.” It is a creamy, warm solid tone. Its dynamic range is not too broad and the mid-range is emphasized. The classic TS effect was described sometimes as "nasal", yet we were able to attain a perfect balance through advanced circuitry design. Vintage mode can create a perfect vintage sound with single coil pickups or P-90. It’s a bit different with a humbucker or high-output pickup, but sounds vintage when placed before Granith Grey Booster (GGB). Suppression with overpowered output is the key. The Modern mode allows for a 'transparent' overdrive for a perfectly clean boost. It gives life to the guitar and amp sound without changing it drastically. The overdrive can be used like a preamp or a compressor as well. You can change the gain easily by adjusting the Volume knob or by changing your picking strength. It has a wide-range and high response. You can leave it on throughout your performance in order to give a thickness to your guitar tone. In Modern mode, you can adjust the TONE setting whereas in Vintage mode, you cannot. The Modern mode is compatible matches any guitar whether single coil or a large-output guitar. Sudden transformation of the vintage TS sound into open and clear sound surprised everybody but they really liked both modes. You can also use the pedal as a booster if needed. Simply set DRIVE to minium and LEVEL to maximum. On the other hand, the TONE knob adjustments are limited to allow minor and specific changes to your rich and sublte sound. Few players use the entire level of TONE on the TS808. Why? Because changing the tone on the guitar is more effective. If the tone is changed dramatically on a TS effect pedal, it creates a sound that is too 'light'. Therefore, I've established a range that is limited yet required by guitarists. The Persian Green Screamer operates under high voltage when used with up to an 18V adapter. With higher voltage, head room is increased to allow even richer expression while reducing the gain slightly. It is an effective way to add variations to tones. The ability to switch between the perfect vintage TS sound and a modern sound just by sliding the switch is what made it the overdrive that everyone was dreaming of. How did we do it? It's called BJF magic. As soon as the final version of the Persian Green Screamer was ready, I invited professional guitarists to try it (I made sure to invite guitarists that are extremely picky). They were left speechless. ​The Persian Green Screamer shocked the world, now try it for yourself..

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