Sparrow Ukulele
Sparrow Ukulele

Poplar Soprano Electric Ukulele

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The Sparrow Solid Body Soprano ukulele sports a very modern aesthetic and a stacked hum-cancelling pickup. The cutaway provides easy access to the highest frets and the contoured body ensures a comfortable playing experience. Are you tired of brittle and quacky sounding piezo ukulele pickups? This uke is for you! You will absolutely love the versatility and sound of this solid body uke. This soprano sports steel strings and a custom designed magnetic pickup system that allows you to experience true electric ukulele tone with no sonic compromise. In search of distorted sounds? Your search is over. This uke can handle all the distortion and grit you can throw at it. Thanks to the pickup’s Alnico 5 poles, you can expect a warm and organic touch sensitive playing experience. The amplifier will react slightly differently depending on how hard you pluck the strings. The pickup is a stacked humbucker configuration that provides a bright, crystal tone but also cancels unwanted noise. If you are worried about transitioning from standard ukulele strings (fluorocarbon, nylon, nylgut) to steel string, rest assured, we adjust the action to be low and comfortable for the easiest feel possible. All Sparrow ukuleles are meticulously designed, manufactured and assembled in Richmond, Virginia. We put our knowledge, time and effort into delivering premium quality instruments for the discerning player.



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