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Red Mountain Tremolo - Signature

Swindler Effects Red Mountain Tremolo - Signature on RigShare
The summit of tremolo performance is now attainable, and it's called the Red Mountain. One of the most versatile, feature-packed tremolo pedals ever produced, the Red Mountain packs all of the most popular tremolo features into a small, affordable package. The Red Mountain is first and foremost a stereo tremolo pedal. From left to right, the upper controls are Speed, Depth, and Level. The speed and depth parameters can be controlled via an external expression pedal. There are five selectable tap-tempo divisions, and six different waveforms available. The sixth waveform option is called Stutter, and it turns the tap tempo footswitch into a momentary killswitch for your signal. The polarity of the kill switch can be adjusted between NO and NC using the phase inversion switch. The Red Mountain contains one onboard, savable preset. Holding the bypass and tap-tempo footswitches simultaneously will save the active controls to the on-board preset. The middle (red) LED lights up to indicate whether the preset is active. Depending on the expression configuration, the preset can be activated by holding the bypass switch or through an external favorite switch. Holding the tap-tempo footswitch will activate a ramp function, and the speed of the tremolo will alternate between increasing and decreasing on each hold. Adjusting the speed knob while holding the tap-tempo footswitch will change the speed of the ramp. Finally, in stereo operation, flipping the phase inversion switch will pan subsequent pulses to different amps. Leaving the phase inversion switch off will cause each amp to pulse simultaneously.

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