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Players, take note. You want the ultimate keyboard instrument for performing and creating? We've put it all together for you. Exceptional quality instrument sounds. A piano sound to die for. A truly realistic, naturally expressive keyboard. Convenient, comprehensive control.Real-time controls for tweaking of the sound as you play. Audio recording to USB memory. Extensive computer music features. Ease of use, plus compact size and portability. Introducing the S90 XS and S70 XS Music Synthesizer.Designed specifically for players, particularly those who want the highest quality piano sounds and expression, the S90 XS/S70 XS is a performer's dream.Yet, casual players and hobby musicians will appreciate the exquisite sounds, advanced features and superb playability just as much as top professional artists.
Welcome - A message from the S90 XS/S70 XS Development Team
We're extremely proud to introduce the new S90 XS/S70 XS as the successor to the original S90 ES. Equipped with exceptionally high-quality musical instrument sounds and a real piano-feel response, this is truly the instrument of choice for musicians and players worldwide, whatever the genre. Drawing on our long experience cultivated through years of synthesizer development, we designed this model not only for top professional musicians, but also for casual players and hobby musicians who want to have a greater level of high-quality sound, playability and advanced features - especially in live performance applications. To complete this lineup, we've added the S70 XS, a 76-key model which maintains the same keyboard touch as the 88-key model, yet provides the added value of portability.The advanced and convenient features of the S90 XS/S70 XS do not stop there. The Remote Control functions and the Master Keyboard features have been enhanced and made more powerful to meet the demands of professional music production. We are proud and confident that the S90 XS/S70 XS can aid in your music making, and we're sure that it will be your first 'go-to' instrument in music situation, live performance, recording and so on. In order to take full advantage of the S90 XS/S70 XS's functionality, please read this manual carefully. We also recommend that you keep this manual in a safe and handy place for future reference.We really hope that the S90 XS/S70 XS will help your creativity and musical work grow by leaps and bounds.Enjoy!Sincerely,The Yamaha S90 XS/S70 XS Development Team

Sounds That Satisfy
The best musical instruments start with top-quality sounds, and the S90 XS/S70 XS deliversall that - and more. The S Series features all the Voices, Performances, arps and Virtual Circuit Modeling effects found on the flagship MOTIF XS Music Production Synthesizer.Plus we've added a huge 142 megabytes dedicated exclusively to high-quality piano waveforms, for a total of 456 MB of instrument samples.Foremost among these new piano sounds are the new samples taken from Yamaha'sworld-renowned S6 concert grand piano. These fully capture the richly textured sound ofthat wonderfully expressive instrument, and provide a warm concert grand piano soundunavailable on any other keyboard. For variation, the MOTIF XS piano based on a YamahaCFIIIS is also available.Conventional keyboards in the past had their sounds designed primarily for the listener.This time, however, our development team set out to primarily satisfy the player instead.We reasoned that when the performer hears and experiences the best possible sound, theperformance would be the best possible, too! The result? The S90 XS/S70 XS is a genuinemusician's instrument, one that truly inspires and stimulates the live performer as well asthe music creator and arranger.

Streamline Your Performance
The S90 XS/S70 XS also lets you quickly and conveniently create your own custom Performances,with the amazingly fast and easy Performance Creator feature. It's never been easier toselect a Voice, then quickly program Layers and Splits - even assigning a Drum Voice complete with arps to create your perfect Performance.Let's say that you're playing a piano Voice and you want to layer a string sound on top of it.Simply press the [LAYER] button, then select the desired Voice category and Voice, and storeyour new Performance - just a few button presses and you're there!Plus the panel controls of the S90 XS/S70 XS have been designed and positioned for optimum, intuitive operation, especially for live performance. For example, you can quickly select a Part, turn it on/off, set Arpeggio on/off, switch Arpeggio Hold - all done easily with the top panel controls - and instantly tweak important synth parameters via the Knobs and Sliders.The perfect Performance has never been easier to create and control.

Ideal for Live Performers
The S90 XS/S70 XS has a host of other features that live performerswill appreciate - such as the combo input jack that accepts micinput. Simply plug in a microphone, tweakthe INPUT GAIN knob (while checking the convenient PEAK lamp),and you're all set! Plus, you can use the Control Knobs to finely adjustthe volume and even directly apply reverb or chorus to the sound.

Recording Direct to USB / Internal Memory
If you've got a USB memory device or thumb drive, you can plug it into the S90 XS/S70 XSand record your performance as audio data. This remarkable feature lets you instantlycapture what you play on the keyboard - including arpeggio playback - to your USB device.If you've connected a microphone or guitar, you can even record your singing or playingas well. You can also record audio directly to the internal flash memory (192 MB) builtinto the instrument, without the need of a memory device.And keep in mind that anything you've recorded to the memory device, even audio files createdon your computer, can be played back on the S90 XS/S70 XS - which means you can createyour own custom audio backing tracks and perform along with them on the S90 XS/S70XS. For example, you can create a basic song track beforehand, then sing and solo over itduring your performance. Or add guitar parts and vocal harmonies to be played back withyour live performance. There's also a useful Song Chain function that lets you string togetherseparate recordings and create a convenient backing track "set list" for your gigs.

76 & 88 Keyboard

The S70 XS has a 76-Balanced Hammer Effect keyboard in a compact, lightweight design. It's easy to use, exceptionally portable, and absolutely perfect for live performers and gigging musicians.The S90 XS provides 88 -Balanced Hammer Effect keyboard for those players who need a full-range, full-scale keyboard.

Software Integration
Cubase AI - a powerful and versatile audio/MIDI sequencer - is included with the instrument, giving you complete music production capabilities right out of the box. And for editing the S90 XS/S70 XS from your computer, there's the S90 XS/S70 XS Editor. This provides convenient, comprehensive control over absolutely all the sounds, settings and functions of the S70 XS/S90 XS.

DAW Remote Function

The S90 XS/S70 XS is a perfect companion for your computer music production system, too, serving both as a master keyboard and a full-function, multi-timbral tone generator. With the DAW Remote function and its 50 different control templates, you get amazingly easy, intuitive control over your main DAW software and VST instruments - directly from the panel controls! Moreover, the Voice Editor and Remote Editor software gives you convenient, comprehensive computer control over all the sounds, settings and functions of the S70 XS/S90 XS.
Width 1,472mm (58")
Height 173mm (6-3/4")
Depth 385mm (15-1/4")
Weight 22.4kg (49.6 lbs.)
Number of Keys 88
Type Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard
Initial Touch Yes
Aftertouch Yes
Pitch Bend Yes
Modulation Yes
Control Slider Assignable Control sliders x 4
Control Knobs Assignable Control knobs x 4
Others Assignable Fucntion button x 2, Data Dial, Input Gain
Type graphic backlit LCD
Size 160×64 dot
Backlight Yes
Contrast Yes
Tone Generating Technology AWM2 with Expanded Articulation
Multi Timbral Capacity 16 Internal Parts + Mic Input Part
Ware ROM Capacity 456 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 2,772 waveforms
Number of Polyphony (Max.) 128
Number of Voices Preset: 1,024 normal voices + 64 drum kits, GM: 128 normal voices + 1 drum kits, User: 128 x 4 (Bank 1 - 3: selected and copied from Preset bank) Normal Voice + 32 drum kits
Reverb 9 types
Chorus 22 types
Insertion 53 types x 8 blocks
Master Effect 9 types
Master EQ 5 bands
Part EQ 3 bands, stereo
Number of Arpegio Preset x 6,779 types User x 256 types (when loading the User Arpeggio data of MOTIF XS)
Playback SMF Format 0/1 (playback only)
Internal Memory 192MB
Headphones PHONES (standard stereo phone jack)
Foot Control FOOT CONTROLLER1, 2
Microphone MIC INPUT (combo jack)
Assignable OUT ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT L, R (standard phone jack)
LINE OUT OUTPUT L/MONO, R (standard phone jack)
Power Supply 
Power Consumption 
Bundled Software 
Included Accessories Others

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One of the most reliable boards I've ever played. Great sounds!

· jameslaverdure · over 3 years ago

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