James Laverdure


Piano & Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Drums, Producer, Audio Engineer, Co-founder of RigShare


Atlanta, GA

I LOVE playing @yamaha keyboards!
This Stratocaster that H.E.R. was playing last night at the #grammys was crazy! I couldn't stop eyeing it.
I love Ableton Live! I use it for click tracks live! I want to start doing some more producing with it. #ableton #live9 #musician #lockin
  • Daren Sirbough
    Nice bro. I'm still getting into understanding the live application for it as I use it mainly for recording and mixing.
Producers! Share some music that you've worked on!
These are some old pictures from the @ampeg Ba 210 SP that I just sold yesterday! I've had it for years and it was a great amp! It had a serious horn that really sounded great when playing slapbass. I have decided to part ways with it as I have not played it much in the past few years as I have been more reliant on my @markbass rig! I'm gonna miss this thing!
https://rigshare.com/products/bc208-520992 @tcelectronic has this new cab out. I've personally never had a 2x8 cab in my rig, but I'm interested though.
  • Thiery Laverdure
    That's pretty cool. I can see how that would be useful in terms of less weight and portability. Wonder how it sounds...
  • James Laverdure
    Yup. I'd like to hear how the 8's handle aggressive low end work.
I've been playing these two together for years and they have been pretty reliable. #rigshare #bass @markbass @gallienkruegerbassamps I love the Markbass 2x10 Traveler because it is so light, but carries a lot of power at 400 watts handling. The GK head is a little on the heavy side, heavier than the cab, but it puts out great sound with it's EQ.
I had the opportunity to play one of these over the weekend. Sounded pretty good!
#rigshare #yamaha Playing the @yamaha s90sx and @yamaha CP33 while running @ableton live 9
Keeping the band in tempo with @ableton Live.
Saturday rehearsal with @garmonize and @dritch ...... @yamaha keyboards make all the difference.