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Focusrite’s Saffire range of Firewire audio interfaces highlights the fundamental features that distinguish the sound quality of Focusrite interfaces from other available products in their class: precision analogue/digital conversion quality, a result of careful circuit design, multi-layer board layout and component choices, and Focusrite’s award-winning mic preamps, developed from 30 years of experience in mic pre design and created especially for our interfaces to deliver clean, transparent sound with minimal noise and distortion. Click here to learn more about the keys to Focusrite interface superiority. Saffire interfaces offer the most effective way to get high-quality audio into and out of your DAW. They’re compatible with any DAW on Macintosh or Windows, and with the included Red 2 and Red 3 AAX plugins, make a perfect partner for Pro Tools.



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Been my interface for the home studio for years. Great interface
· jameslaverdure· 5y ago

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