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“If you love the fuzz of a man, you got to love the man” The “Serpicon” Silicon Fuzz is a natural progression from our first pedal, The Fuzzfather. It’s higher gain with a brighter tone. The “Serpicon” is an effects pedal inspired by the classic Dallas Arbiter Silicon Fuzz Face, initially put to good use by the early guitar gods Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, and, Jimmy Page. After many years of success across many styles of music, the fuzz pedal is currently a staple within the Stoner, Sludge, and Doom genres. The sound of this pedal is a high gain silicon fuzz. The transistors, a BC108C and BC109C, are hand-selected for gain. I added a very cool Bias adjust control which varies the voltage to the second transistor resulting in a cool range of fuzz tones from compressed to splatty. I have also incorporated additional components to reduce radio interference common in high gain fuzzes (although, I am quite fond of the radio plagued Hendrix performance at the Isle of Wight). The “Serpicon” is hand-wired and features turret board construction. The majority of the circuit consists of N.O.S. (new old stock) components to capture as much of that old school mojo as possible. Also employed, are huge 24mm Alpha potentiometers, vintage flying saucer knobs, Switchcraft jacks, an LED indicator, an 18AWG ground buss bar, and, fat 22AWG PTFE wire throughout. Velcro comes preinstalled so it’s ready to go right onto your pedal board. Power for the “Serpicon” is supplied by a standard 9 volt negative-center DC jack to integrate seamlessly with your existing power supply. No battery clip is supplied, but can be added as an option at additional cost.

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Sneaky good FF
· msarafinas· 4y ago

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