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In 1973 there was something magic that happened in the world of muff. A pedal that looked the same as all the big silver Ram’s came out, but there was something unusual under the hood. What later became known as the “47” Ram, the name had nothing to do with the year 1947. The moniker was attached to the pedal because of a heavy array of components using the number “47”. There were 470pf, 0.047uf, 0.47uf, and 0.0047uf, caps abound, and even a handful of 470k resistors fed into the numeric flow. Why was this? Are there messages hidden within? Can we find a prediction for the end of days hidden inside this numeric map? Probably not. The most likely answer is that those were what EH had lying around at the time, so they put them to good use in one of the early circuits. Not the most exciting reason, but this happy accident did result in an amazing pedal that is one of the most sought after Muffs by collectors the world over. Adding to the mystique… The UFO style black-top, gold leg transistors, probably given this distinct look to indicate mil spec consistency. These could be partly responsible for the deep rich tone of the 47. The tone? Lots of fuzz, lots of scoop, tons of low end. This is not a quiet, refined, and focused muffer. It sounds, well.... Vintage as f#*k. I'd say it falls somewhere between our Tri-Pie and White Elk. Its got the rumbling lows that some crave, and the impolite gain of an old school pedal. Bass players that love a less tight, more blown out amp tone from a muff will love it, as will guitarists that want that Gilmouresque tone. Oddly, I have never heard that David used a 47 version of the original pedal, but for me, when I kick this on, I hear THE tone of many of those recordings. The good and bad? We gots 500pc of these. That sounds like quite a few, but with each pedal using 4 trannies, allowing for a few bad parts in the bunch, there most likely aren’t going to be many more than 100 of these made by Wren and Cuff in the near future.



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