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Shift-Line A+ Astronaut on RigShare
This is reverb unit with fixed deep and cosmic sound modes.
  • 8-stage rocket to reach deep space!

  1. Level - volume boost. Unity at full ccw position. Turn it up to make your signal audible with any amount of effect.
  2. Knob Mix - dry/wet balance. Could go up to 100% wet (full cw)
  3. Knob Program - switching between 8 programs.
  4. This unit has one more control. If you press button 10 times in 10 seconds after applying power it will switch input muting. This reverb could be fully muted in bypass and will start making reverberation only after engaging it, or could always listen to input signal and play tails right after pressing a bypass button.

  1. Room/Small hall - quite straight reverb mode
  2. Ping-pong delay - delay with straight and reversed repeats
  3. Spring - spring-like mode
  4. Sky Net - long reverb with filtering
  5. Sky Net 2 - same as previous, but algorithm and filtration is different a bit
  6. Shimmer - octave up reverb
  7. Shimmer 2 - same as previous, but different filtration and speed
  8. Shimdown - shimmer with octave... down. Will add massive backing to any note
Dimensions (without knobs): 111х60х30 mm (4.3x2.4x1.2”).
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Power supply: 9V regulated center negative power adapter or 9V battery. Power consumption: 25 mA.

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I have one, its extreme reverb for ambient and anything else.

· stargazer747 · 2 years ago

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