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The Midnight V2 tap/ramp phaser is finally here and it's loaded with some new and updated features that take an even deeper dive into the world of phasing. Less is more: You may have noticed that the phase/vibrato and 2-stage/4-stage switches are gone! What the heck? Don’t worry though, I cover this later. Also, the switches were removed to better fit the 5-knob/1-switch layout that is well known with the NativeAudio tap/ramp pedals (I mean you know, consistency is key). Mix knob: Probably one of the biggest key efforts in this update was to incorporate a mix knob and well… it was definitely worth it! All the way counterclockwise is a 100% dry-analog signal, while fully clockwise will give you a 100% wet-analog signal. The benefit to this is that you’re able to get those 2-stage/4-stage tones and anywhere in between, simply at the turn of a knob (see I told you to not worry). Vibe, phaser, vibrato… the Midnight does it all. Internal volume: Having control of your volume is essential when it comes to playing and that’s why I decided to keep the volume as a controllable parameter on the Midnight. Located inside the Midnight’s enclosure is a trim pot where you can add up to +12 dB of gain to your signal. It’s kind of one those things where you set it and forget it. I mean who doesn’t love simplicity? Updated circuit: I’ve updated the Midnight’s signal path to have a tighter bass response, but still provide enough warmth and lower frequency content to keep the phasing sounding full and lush. The noise floor has also been considerably reduced, which allows for near-silent conditions when not playing. Standard: As always, the Midnight features: all-analog phasing, up to 5 selectable waveforms, both tap and ramp modes, 4 selectable subdivisions in tap mode, both latch and momentary ramping, top-mounted jacks, 9VDC/50mA operation, and more! The Midnight is a phaser pedal that expands on traditional analog phaser design. By utilizing digital control, the Midnight offers five global waveforms to its two modes: tap and ramp. Tap mode offers tap tempo functionality with four available subdivisions. Ramp mode allows the user to set a slow and fast phasing speed and accelerate between the two, emulating a classic rotary speaker cabinet.



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Nails the Uni-Vibe/Phaser tones that I love. 👍🏻
· goldtop11· 3y ago

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