Phase Shifters

A phase shifter is an affect that duplicates a signal and plays it along side the original signal, but at a slightly delayed time. By shifting the signal in this manner, both signals become in and out of phase with one another and may even cancel out at certain points.

Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone MKII on RigShare

They just don’t make phasers like they used to. This analog phaser pedal features an all-analog signal path with smooth, vintage tones that harken back to the 70’s while retaining the ability to get plenty weird and psychedelic too. Wombton...

Source Audio Lunar Phaser on RigShare

The Lunar Phaser offers three styles of swirling stereo phase modulation. Choose from Vibe - a thumping Uni-Vibe effect, Classic - a resonant and creamy 4-stage phaser, and Multi - a highly animated, yet smooth and satisfying 8-stage phaser...

Matt Gardner

1 Rig

EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter on RigShare

The Grand Orbiter™ is a 4 stage OTA-based phaser with a diverse feature set that can go from stationary and resonant to slow and mellow and on through fast and swirly. It has three way toggle switch to select between the ranges of modulatio...

Josh D
Andrew Cookson

3 Rigs

Alexander Pedals La Calavera on RigShare

A full-fledged festival of phasing, La Calavera combines an offering to the more traditional effects of days gone by with the essence of rebirth and revolution. Wake the dead with a colorful celebration of vibrant vibes and multiple modes ...

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller Phase Repeater on RigShare

What if a phaser could remember itself? Dweller remembers. It remembers far too much. From familiar phase and vibe sounds to resonant random step filtering, warm delays, and previously unheard in-betweens, the Dweller is capable of countl...


3 Rigs

Empress Effects Phaser on RigShare

Redefining the phaser effect from the ground up, Empress Effects has created a phaser pedal unlike anything else on the market. Employing a unique VCA based design, the Empress Phaser Pedal offers unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio. Choose ...

Alexander Gustaw

2 Rigs

TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser on RigShare

Vintage-Style Phaser Pedal with Four-Stage Filter and All-Analog Circuit

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter on RigShare

The BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter pedal provides a wealth of vintage and modern phasing effects, including new "Rise" and "Fall" modes for unique, unidirectional phasing. Syncing these phasing effects is as simple as tapping the pedal to the desi...

Scott Wilkinson
Andrew Lee
Vince DiGioia
James Butler

8 Rigs

Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone mkI on RigShare

Do you remember the womb? I imagine this pedal feels like that experience… warm, thick, lush, atmospheric, analog, fluid… you know, womb-like. In short, it’s a super rad phaser. This pedal features an analog signal path, but every knob is c...

MXR Pedals Phase 95 on RigShare

The Phase 95 combines the Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits-toggled by the 45/90 switch-in a mini housing, featuring a Script switch to toggle between modern and vintage style phasing.

Thomas Redmond
Paul Crouch
Tyler Smith
Richard Swandel
Jimmy Green
Setya Pratiknya

21 Rigs

MXR Pedals Script Phase 90 - Led on RigShare

The Script Phase 90 combines vintage phasing with an LED and AC power jack for modern convenience.

Andy Tasker
Samuele Meazzi

7 Rigs

MXR Pedals 75 Vintage Phase 45 on RigShare

The '75 Vintage Phase 45 is a faithful reissue of the original, featuring hand-matched FETs and a hand-wired circuit board.

MXR Pedals Phase 100 on RigShare

With both a Speed control and a 4-waveform Intensity control, the Phase 100 offers a broad range of sounds.

シ ュ ー ゲ イ ズ
Muklis abadi barus

4 Rigs

MXR Pedals Evh Phase 90 on RigShare

This pedal features both Script and Block style phasing with graphics inspired by Eddie Van Halen's legendary Frankenstein guitar.

Scott Wilkinson
D'Angelo Prince
Stephan Tillmann
Nathan Banks
Reza Elghazi

9 Rigs

MXR Pedals Phase 90 on RigShare

The Phase 90 takes you from subtle, spatial shimmer to all-out high velocity swooshing with the twist of a knob.

Dave DiLeo
José Moares Pérez
Gaetano Fontanazza
Nick Michaels
Josh Casano
David Leøng
Callum McIlwaine's
Edgar Reyna
Daniel González Reguero

25 Rigs

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