Effects and Pedals

Audio Effects and pedals are a critical part of how a musician develops their sound signature sound. Effects are used to alter any sound using various parameters that can be fine tuned to create a desired tone. Commonly used effects are reverb, delay, equalization (EQ), compression, overdrive, distortion and more. As technology continues to advance, musicians are becoming even more creative in shaping their tone by using different combinations of effects with their instruments.

Goodwood Audio The Acoustic Interfacer on RigShare

The Acoustic Interfacer has been designed for players that play both electric guitar and…you guessed it… acoustic guitar as well. Now you can have one pedal board that you can use for both your electric and acoustic guitars.

Goodwood Audio The Bass Interfacer on RigShare

The Bass Interfacer is everything you need to run independent, mutable, clean and effects lines. With a footprint no bigger than a standard Boss® pedal, it offers unparalleled control in an easy to use, streamlined package.

Jonathan Shatto

1 Rig

Goodwood Audio The Underfacer on RigShare

The Underfacer is like The Interfacer but designed to go under an angled pedal board. Use The Underfacer to take care of all your input, muting, tuning, summing, isolating and phase correcting needs without using any pedal board real-estat...

Drake Barker

3 Rigs

Goodwood Audio The Interfacer on RigShare

Input and output buffers. Two types of summing. Master mute. Tuner send. There are two versions of The Interfacer. The TX Interfacer (gold print) and The Interfacer (white print). Both versions have the same features and are made with...

Travis Boothman
Emily Perry
Justin Chan
Jake Fauber
Jeremy Landis
Onipa’a Gaudia

10 Rigs

Goodwood Audio Buzzkill on RigShare

Correct ground loop and phase issues between two amps. No power required.

Goodwood Audio Isolator on RigShare

Isolator is designed for players that want an isolated split on their pedal board. This is ideally used for splitting your board into two lines, dry effects and wet effects, while giving muting options over both.

Goodwood Audio Audition on RigShare

Use Audition to seamlessly audition a pedal in your signal chain and have automatic switching for the four cable method. Any guitar player that has been using pedals for longer than 5 minutes knows that GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) is...

1 Rig

Goodwood Audio Output on RigShare

Output is designed for players that need a compact way to manage the outputs on their pedal board. Output takes care of multiple stereo to mono summing options while fitting underneath your angled board, or even under another pedal.

Ryan D

1 Rig

Goodwood Audio RMT on RigShare

Use RMT to remotely control Isolator’s muting and Underfacer’s mute and summing.


2 Rigs

Old Blood Noise Endeavors OBNE Headphone Amp on RigShare

Designed with our friend Brian Hamilton from smallsound/bigsound for OBNE demo boards, we thought it a reasonable idea to offer every bedroom player a way to not annoy those around them. Simply plug in the output of your pedalboard to the ...

1 Rig

This1sMyne AC/EC on RigShare

More and more worship leaders are rotating guitars mid set, but are looking to share sections of their chain for both their acoustic and electric guitars. Enter: the AC/EC (also known as the ‘gungor’ pedal). The idea behind the AC/EC was...

Jameson Allen
Curtis Howard

2 Rigs

Strymon Lex Rotary on RigShare

When we decided to create a studio-class pedal that faithfully recreates the classic, unmistakable sound of the most sought-after rotating speaker system, we prepared to study every nuance and finest detail. The Strymon sound design labs ha...

Mark Matthewson
Ramin Partovi
Garrett Sulzman

4 Rigs

Fulltone Mini Deja’Vibe on RigShare

The Fulltone Mini-DejaVibe pedal packs the legendary sound of the Univibe into a chassis that's pedalboard-friendly. If you're looking for that elusive "phase-y/chorus-y" sound, look no further! The Mini-DejaVibe features real photocells an...

Scott Wilkinson
Werner Niebauer

2 Rigs

Fulltone Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe on RigShare

The Fulltone Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe CS-MDV-1 rotary speaker pedal packs legendary phase-y/chorus-y effects into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure that's 15% smaller than its predecessor's. Fulltone's custom-made dual photoresistor yields s...

Fulltone Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe CS-MDV mkII on RigShare

The 2018 CS-MDV mkII...the world's smallest (3.9" W x 4.1" L x 2.3" H ) yet biggest sounding "real vintage Univibe clone." It's the biggest sounding 'vibe we've ever made or heard, bar none, yet is totally green, only drawing 35mA of curre...

Tomer Brutman

1 Rig

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