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Bearded Boards

Tour 24X12.5 Ambrosia Maple

Bearded Boards Tour 24X12.5 Ambrosia Maple on RigShare
Our Ambrosia board is a bold choice that only the finest specimen of individuals have a keen eye for. It’s rich grain is unprecedented and truly stands out as it’s own. With an all Ambrosia frame and a sleek taper cut design, this beautiful piece of art could very well likely be the class and professionalism you didn’t even know your rig needed. Our boards take you from looking like a standard player to a next level professional. With premium electronics and fine attention to detail, we ensure only the highest quality craftsmanship. What you see is all natural grain, we do not stain any of our products. At the same time, we lay several coats of conversion varnish to protect every piece of wood that leaves our shop. We will never make two boards exactly alike due to grain differences in every piece of wood but we absolutely ensure every board is precisely crafted to pass our incredibly high standards. Let's just say we wouldn't sell you a board your wife wouldn't beg you to buy (Okay, maybe not that high of standards), but you get the point.

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