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Uberschall is the German word for Super Sonic and we designed this amp primarily for extreme, heavy and aggressive styles of music. Detuned or baritone guitars crave this amp. Also, be sure to check out the matching Uberkab 4x12 speaker cabinet below. Two versions are available, the UBERSCHALL with it's traditional clean and super high gain channels and the TWIN JET with a semi clean to hot rod gain and super high gain channel configuration. While the super high gain channels are identical there is more flexibility and control on the TWIN JET as well as a additional controls for the power amp section. See the TWIN JET page for more details. The UBERSCHALL features a high-headroom, classic clean channel with volume, gain, bass, middle, treble and presence controls. Pound all your pedal effects into this channel, the harder you hit it the more it smiles to show you its fangs. Seems pretty innocent huh? Just wait... we then unleash mayhem with the super aggressive high gain channel with gain, bass, middle, treble, volume and presence controls. You think you've heard BASS before, no way, the UBERSCHALL can crush on demand. Even with extreme gain and volume this channel stays massively focused and resists mushing out from the heaviest right-hand attack. Have some crazy effects? Put them through the tube buffered effects loop. Power comes from a throaty EL34 output section. Go ahead, try and hide from the UBERSCHALL it will seek you out, relentlessly, while you sleep, in this life and the next... But all will soon embrace the UBERSCHALL and we will wonder how anyone tried to play standard tuning, 7-string or drop tuned guitar without it. Through anarchy comes peace. Our UBERKAB is perfectly matched for the thunderous UBERSCHALL. This 4x12" straight front speaker cabinet features a black front speaker grill with silver piping and a combination of front loaded Celestion Vintage 30's and G12T75's wired at 16 ohms. This combination unleashes the aggressiveness of the UBERSCHALL amp, plus helps to maximize the low end and give great cutting power to the mids and highs. Our standard Bogner 4x12" cabinet, with Vintage 30's, also sounds great with the UBERSCHALL but we wanted to offer a cabinet that was fine tuned for the flame-throwing UBERSCHALL.(Note: prior to January 2009 the Uberkab design was slightly different with speakers being rear mounted and wired at 8 ohms.)

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