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Atlanta, GA

Does anyone use a guitar pick holder of some sort on their key chain?
So apparently using a voltage doubler cable with my HX stomp and Strymon Ojai was not such a great idea. After 2 hours of operation the unit would restart and start freaking out. Will have to cleverly mount the adapter it comes with under my board.
I'm gonna redo my whole pedalboard this year. Will take lots of pics to share with you all.
The best stocking stuffers! Merry Christmas! #strings #guitar @daddarioandco
Loving the direction we are moving in!
Hope you guys are enjoying RigShare so far! We got a ton of cool stuff coming! Can't wait to share it with you. #rigshare
Thinking about selling my Mastermind PBC for a smaller solution. What are you guys using? #guitarist #pedalboard #midi
I've always been a sucker for Jazzmasters. Glad someone suggested this one.
Getting dialed in for tomorrow. #rigshare #suprostatesman #supro
Saving up to get me one of these 🤤
RigShare is officially launching today!
Getting ready for NAMM