Thiery Laverdure


Founder of RigShare! Guitar enthusiast & gear nerd ✌🏾


Atlanta, GA

Loving the direction we are moving in!
Hope you guys are enjoying RigShare so far! We got a ton of cool stuff coming! Can't wait to share it with you. #rigshare
The best stocking stuffers! Merry Christmas! #strings #guitar @daddarioandco
Thinking about selling my Mastermind PBC for a smaller solution. What are you guys using? #guitarist #pedalboard #midi
I've always been a sucker for Jazzmasters. Glad someone suggested this one.
  • Daniel Childs
    American Original in LPB is my dream JM!
  • Andre vieira
    I’ll have one one day...🙏🎸 love their exquisite look!
  • Alex Yalen
    Alex Yalen
    i have the mascis squire... i doubt there are better guitars at that price anywhere. it is a tone machine ... jazzmaster pickups are the best. i actually like them a lot more than strats & teles. which i guess is Fender heresy but i believe it.
Getting dialed in for tomorrow. #rigshare #suprostatesman #supro
RigShare is officially launching today!