The job of a buffer pedal is to preserve the strength of your input signal by boosting it. Going through multiple pedals in low-level signal situations tends to compromise the high-end fidelity of the signal. Therefore, a buffer pedal is used to restore the capacitance that was lost while the signal was traveling through other pedals in your signal chain. Buffers are suggested to be placed after certain pedals, such as fuzz pedals and kept closely following overdrive pedals.

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JHS Pedals
JHS Pedals

Buffered Splitter

There are so many reasons to add the JHS Pedals Buffered Splitter to your pedalboard. But the most important one is great tone. If you’ve ever split your guitar’s signal with a passive device, adapter, or even certain effects pedals, you know that the results can sometimes be less than stellar. This happens because many of those products simply cut your tone in two, sending one half one way and the other half the other way. You can end up with a tone that is muddy and lifeless. Adding our Buffered Splitter to your chain not only avoids these issues, but it will perfectly drive your long cable runs and pedalboard chains as well. Trust us on this one. If you need to split your signal for any host of reasons, putting our Buffered Splitter on your board will give you your tone back. Simple and effective signal-splitting device There are a ton of applications for adding a Buffered Splitter to your signal chain. Whether moving a tuner out of line or running a dual-amp setup, once you use the JHS Buffered Splitter, you’ll never be without one again. Here are just a few options. - Send one signal to a tuner that is out of the signal chain while retaining your full tone - In a dual-amp setup, both amplifiers will see a powerful, clean signal - Bassists can send one side to their amplifiers, while sending the other to the board Keeps your tone clear, powerful, and pristine If you’re as pedal happy as we are at JHS, you’re going to want this quality buffer in your signal chain. The Buffered Splitter is like giving each output a shot of adrenaline, ensuring they hit your amp with the same strength and character as they left your fingers. - Converts your guitar’s hi-Z signal to lo-Z for driving long cables and pedal chains - Retains the original tone of your guitar without coloration from the other gear in your signal chain Convenient low-profile design A device such as the Buffered Splitter is content to be a workhorse piece of gear that quietly does its job in the background. That’s why we designed this little guy to be compact, sturdy, and simple to integrate into your rig. - Small size is ideal for saving pedalboard space - Can easily be mounted underneath your board - Built rugged - Black powder coating keeps the buffer hidden in the background

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The TEAM MEDIC Buffer, EQ, Boost and Boost +

The TEAM MEDIC is designed to be the most versatile pedal around. It is designed to suit all guitars including Bass guitars and deliver you a real enhancement to your tone. Hyperbole aside, this pedal has some very cunning tricks up its sleeve. It combines a switchable Class A buffer (switchable to true Bypass) with a 3 Band Active EQ (Bass, Mids, Treble) enough gain on tap to boost your amp into submission and then a foot switchable option to add even more boost on top, sending your amp into creamy overdrive. It also has an internal power arrangement designed to give the highest headroom possible so the pedal works really well with all pickups from low gain single coils all the way to high gain active units. I designed this pedal as a tone enhancer, it can therefore push your guitar sound from excellent to astonishing. It can help EQ a badly EQ'd pedal. It can give you a frequency bump in the mids to cut through or it can match your pedalboard to an unknown hired backline. In all these situations the TEAM MEDIC excels and crucially you sound like YOU, only better. Aside from achieving fantastic sonic credentials the TEAM MEDIC is built like a tank with physical features such as recessed knobs and top mounted jacks. Robust build does not have to come at the sacrifice of looks, the TEAM MEDIC uses a combination of a beautiful stainless steel laser etched centre console wrapped in a tough baseplate. Internally the pedal is immaculately built using premium 1% metalfilm resistors, Wima and Panasonic capacitors, Neutrik jacks and Burr-Brown Opamps. These are the crème de la crème of the electronics world and when coupled with a robust gold plated PCB and dust sealed potentiometers the recipe is as good as it can possibly be.

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