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VOX AC15HW Hand Wired tube guitar combo 15W 1x12 " Reference: V-253851 Warranty: You have 5 years warranty on this product. information The VOX AC15HW1 is a legendary guitar combo amp amp, here in a fully wired version! It ships a 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speaker. It has been designed from the highest quality components and assembled by experts, resulting in an incredibly dynamic and transparent sound! The AC15 Hand Wired will maintain all the character of your guitar through a tube sound of exemplary quality! Two Normal channels and Top Boost The AC15HW1 displays two independent channels, each with its own high and low instrument inputs. The Normal channel delivers pure sound, no frills and is simply controlled by a Volume and a switch Bright that boosts the treble. The channel Top Boost, for its part, ranks rather on the overdrive side and includes a volume knob and a 2-band EQ (Bass and Treble). On the other hand, it presents a switch HOT / COOL which allows to pass from a saturated VOX classic sound to a high-gain overdrive. This function can also be activated via the footswitch included VFS1, perfect for your solo parts, for example. Master Control Section A Master adjustment section adds more flexibility to the use of the VOX AC15HW1. This one offers, in fact, a control of Tone Cut and a Master Volume which can be bypassed. It is thus possible to use the Tone Cut to refine the high frequencies and, when you want a big sound at low volume, to play on the Master Volume. Once bypassed, the latter is totally excluded from the circuit so as to react like a classic VOX AC model!

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