Bad Cat Amps
Bad Cat Amps

"Luca" Jeffrey Kunde Signature Amp

Bad Cat Amps "Luca" Jeffrey Kunde Signature Amp on RigShare
Bad Cat Luca is just that! The Luca has a simple single channel preamp based on the 12AX7 side of the Wild Cat. The Luca has a 40W EL34 based power section running in Class A. The control panel consists of the classic Bad Cat preamp: volume, five-way selector, bass, treble, cut and a master volume that can be switched out of the circuit. The Luca is built on a 12AX7 platform with all of the thick articulate and punchy mid-range sweetness that goes with it. The Luca offers a switch between the five-way tone selector and the traditional bass and treble tone stack. A feature not found on the Wild Cat's channel one. The Luca was made custom for touring artists and was just so good we had to offer them to everyone.



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